Digital Transformation

Today, there’s no escape from having and executing a digital strategy – but are football clubs truly ready for the digital present and future?

The way that football fans engage with their favorite club has changed significantly. The digital transformation is happening before our eyes, enabling fans to interact with their club 24/7 instead of just during the 90 minutes of football every Sunday.

Technology, digital platforms, and social media make sure that the match never ends.

Being digitally capable as a club is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Most fans expect their club to deliver a value-creating and engaging experience which meets their increasing digital demands.

The digital evolution requires a lot from football clubs. Deciding on how to adress today’s digital opportunities can be a complex and overwhelming task.

It’s impossible to say what direction and which specific solutions are right for clubs in general. But one thing we can say for sure is: Doing nothing is no longer an option. Football clubs need to embrace the technological opportunities and fulfil the digital needs of fans and sponsors.

At NEWC SPORT we help clubs into the digital era.

In close collaboration with the club staff, we analyze and customize solutions so that they fit perfectly to the club, the fans, the culture, the ambitions, and the budget.

‘Yes, it’s very important, but we have no digital strategy in place’

In 2019, PwC published a large sports survey with the title: ‘Sports industry – time to refocus?’.

94 percent of the 600 participating leaders from global sports organizations concluded that innovation and digitalization are important or very important for their business – but only 47 percent had concrete strategies in place.

Our experience tells us that this is typical for the football industry as well. Many clubs are doing a great job, but just as many are behind the curve in terms of digitalization.

It’s our mission to help football clubs get in front of that curve for good.

We’re certain that being digitally capable will continue to be a driver of change as the digital revolution continues to transform the world of football. If clubs aren’t ready to get onboard the digi-train, they’ll be left alone at the railway station.

But those clubs who ARE aware and ready to adapt will place themselves in a favorable position – not only for surviving, but for growing as the digital transformation continues.

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