Helping football clubs
into the digital era

Nothing is more valuable for a club than the people who support it 

At NEWC SPORT we develop customized digital solutions for football clubs. 

It’s our mission to help football clubs create long-term relationships with fans and sponsors – and to use data intelligently to strengthen clubs commercially.

Our digital solutions for ticketing, communication, and access control are fitted to the specific needs of the club and integrated with existing systems. Our starting point is always the club and the people around it.

Our partners

Ticketing done right

To sell, buy, and use tickets must be a good and seamless experience for fans and club – every single time. Drive conversion and up sales with our customized, intelligent solutions for ticketing and access control.

Loyalty & Engagement

It’s all about the people! When you put fans and sponsors first, it’s good for business. This also applies to your club’s digital platforms. Let’s digitalize your community communication to boost engagement and loyalty.

Digital Transformation

Being digitally strong as a club is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Fans expect their club to deliver a value-creating and engaging experience which meets their increasing digital demands. Are you ready?

Everything we do is about you.

We customize digital solutions for football clubs to help them create long-term relationships with their fans and sponsors. Our software is integrated with existing club systems stitching everything together in one revenue-maximizing circuit.

We’re not in business to sell you a standard solution but to create the digital setup that’s exactly right for your club, your staff, your sponsors, and your fans.

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Needless to say, all inquiries are handled confidentially and are non-binding.

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