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Football clubs must provide a smooth and rewarding stadium experience for fans and sponsors to generate as much revenue on matchdays as possible.

Visiting a football stadium is supposed to be a magical experience. Being together with your friends or family, celebrating a goal, and enjoying the unparalleled buzz of an important victory. Or just feeling the sense of community and the electric connection between the crowd and the players.

However, the stadium experience can be disappointing. If the reason is that your favorite team played like 11 jellyfish, well… that’s life. Nobody can control the outcome of a football match, but we can control the surroundings.

Football is part of the global entertainment industry, and with all the competing offers, like Netflix, eSports, and the numerous matches on TV, it’s no easy task to make (enough) people attend a live football match again and again.

This means that the stadium experience for fans and sponsors must be seamless and hassle-free. Any obstacles for people to attend a match must be removed.

That is why having the right, intelligent systems for Ticketing and Access Control is so crucial. Being on top of this is a major driver for increasing attendance and generating more matchday revenue.


Empowering clubs to create the best possible stadium experience

We develop the proper, quality stadium experience together with the club. The outcome is a customized, digital solution that creates value both on and off matchdays. The ability to engage and communicate with fans and sponsors on a regular basis play an important role in bringing people closer to the club – and of course getting them to attend more matches.

Our digital solutions for ticketing, access control, and data-based communication and marketing are not standard products. We always customize our software so that it matches the needs of the club we work with perfectly.

We are just as much a development partner for our club partners as we are a supplier of software solutions.

We help integrate the relevant solutions with existing club systems so that all valuable data can be gathered and used intelligently across different platforms.

We want staff, fans, sponsors, and volunteers to feel empowered by the digital leap, not burdened. We’re here to make the stadium experience – e.g. ticketing and access control – better and easier for everyone involved.

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