Be ready for the future. Our intelligent subscription model for season tickets, a loyalty club or a membership will affect the commercial business of a football club in a very positive way. Clubs will be able to boost stadium attendance and strengthen fan relationship and sponsor engagement.

The standard way to buy season tickets is a one-time transaction for a relatively large amount of money. This grants the fans access to the club’s matches in the following season. You spend a lot of resources to get a certain number of fans to buy them each season but then what? Maybe it’s time to approach season tickets – and fan engagement in general – in a new and smarter way.

Football clubs and associations with the opportunity to offer fans an attractive subscription model – for season tickets, a loyalty club or a membership – will be the true winners in the future.

We strongly believe in the powers of our subscription module for football clubs and football associations. The subscription module can be delivered as part of larger, customized ticketing solution – or as an individual module integrated seamlessly with the existing ticketing setup.

It’s our prediction that subscriptions in general will disrupt the football industry in the years to come. Here are 10 reasons why:


Increase total number of season ticket holders

Clubs or associations will experience a boost in the number of season ticket holders. From our experience, the subscription model increases the total number of season ticket holders since the cheaper subscriptions lets the club market and sell to a wider target group within the fanbase.


Stop losing fans

With our subscription model, clubs will not lose hundreds or thousands of season ticket holders at the end of every season – like most clubs do today. It’s financially sounder and makes forecasting and budgeting a whole lot easier.


More frequent stadium guests

Most football clubs have a lot of one-time ticket buyers during a season. Maybe they’re too busy to come more often or maybe they can’t afford season tickets. With the subscription model in place, clubs provide one-time ticket buyers with a strong incentive to buy a season ticket subscription – since the monthly fee typically will be the same or lower than a single ticket.


Fan base loyalty

When fans subscribe to season tickets, you can use their unique data to personalize your marketing and communication efforts creating a more engaged and loyal fanbase.


Year-round sales and marketing possibilities

In between season, there’s normally a narrow timeframe for a club to get fans to renew their season tickets – and to sell season tickets to new fans. With the subscription functionality, the marketing and sales period is prolonged from maybe 30 days to 365 days a year.


More affordable

More fans will be able to afford season tickets in terms of a subscription. This widens the number of potential “customers” for the club. The club will also benefit from the goodwill of giving more fans the possibility of attending matches with their favorite club.


The club is less vulnerable

With a season ticket subscription solution in place, clubs are less vulnerable to unfortunate things like relegation, COVID-19, or negative global economic development. Fans are less likely to stop buying season tickets when they’re on a (relatively cheap) subscription.


Clubs use less resources

Less staff resources are used on renewals and regaining lost season ticket holders.


A very attractive supplement to their normal season tickets

It’s possible for a football club to offer only season ticket subscriptions, but for most clubs we see this functionality as a strong supplement to the normal season ticket sales. Being able to offer fans the subscription product as well will widen the total target group for season tickets.


Great possibilities to offer fans different upgrades to their subscription

When fans subscribe to season tickets, you get a closer relationship with them and valuable data that you can use to offer them various upgrades to their current subscription, e.g. F&B or merchandise add-ons.


We hope that these reasons give you an idea of how season ticket subscriptions will affect stadium attendance, fan relationship, and the commercial business of a football club in a very positive way. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about this solution!

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