About NewC

NewC is a Danish software company developing customized digital solutions for football clubs world-wide. 

We like to think that we do things a little differently at NewC.

We have no standard software packages to sell – instead we insist on customizing the digital solutions that fit the needs of the club – for their benefit. The reason is that clubs are very different when it comes to fans, culture, digital ambitions, and budget.

Our current partners (football clubs and associations) are from Denmark, Sweden, UK, and Brazil. We have an ambition to help many more football clubs world-wide, hopefully in other countries and regions too.

Our headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark, but we have team members located in UK and Brazil as well. Our strategy is to have skilled people working locally in close collaboration with the clubs. The presence of our team secures a smooth and succesful process – and gives the clubs a competent lifeline nearby.

The two Danish entrepreneurs Mikkel Skou and Mads Christensen are the owners of NewC, working side by side with a skilled group of people with vast experience from the world of football.

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